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Equipping the newbies seeking to raise the bar in their walk with Christ. 


BABESNOMORE is a community of new converts or believers seeking mentorship and spiritual support in navigating through the challenges on their spiritual journey with Christ. Individuals will learn biblical principles, and applications necessary for spiritual development and deepening relationship with God. 


Living to the Max in Christ!

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The Hub Global is a prophetic community aiming to ignite an emerging generation of prophetic culture through sound teaching, gift cultivation, prophetic activation, and discipleship. Co-founded by Prophetess Jessica Smothers Harris, Fire Talk Woman Talk Ministries and Jessica S. Harris Ministries, and Prophetess Monique McCray, Monique Loviel Global Outreach Ministries and #BABESNOMORE, to establish a community for believers to identify, cultivate, and fully operate in their prophetic callings.

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eMy Girls, Inc is a non-profit organization. We are a ministry embodied in the community to reach out and empower girls ages 12-18 to discover their purpose, embrace their true identity, and live life to the fullest. We teach biblical principles which foster the personal development of individual gifts which enable them to overcome everyday challenges on their mission to impact the World.

Our vision is "Empowered Today Girls, Emerging Tomorrow Women, Impacting the World!

Our Mantra is Living life to the fullest on Purpose!

If you would like your daughter to be a part of eMy Girls, Inc, you may email us at

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